Holidaying on a Budget – Vacations that don’t Break the Bank

Published on 04/26/2020

While we all love nothing more than an exhilarating getaway, not all of us are willing to break the bank to go on holiday. Contrary to popular opinion, you can organize a sensational vacation on a budget. All it takes is choosing one of the affordable camping-based ideas we have put together for you on this list.

Holidaying On A Budget Vacations That Dont Break The Bank

Holidaying On A Budget Vacations That Dont Break The Bank

Anyone can go Hiking

Hiking is one of the most reinvigorating and refreshing experiences for anyone, even those who don’t necessarily think of themselves as nature lovers. The main expense attached to hiking is the equipment, such as appropriate hiking boots, warm and protective clothing and camping gear if you plan on making your trip last a few days.
The main consideration to do with hiking is understanding the trail that you would like to hike well and packing appropriately for the area’s conditions. Remember that you will be venturing forth into the wild, meaning that some time spent learning basic first aid and how to handle animal encounters is essential.
Make sure that you have enough food, a first aid kit and plenty of sunscreens if the weather is going to be particularly bright. A map and compass will also be required to make sure that you don’t get lost in areas without signal.

Camping for Beginners

Once you have some experience with hiking, you can develop trekking to the next level by embarking on a full-on camping trip. One of the priciest parts of camping is paying the nightly charge which parks demand your visit.
Then there is the cost of a durable and comfortable tent. If you plan on camping like a professional, you shouldn’t cut costs when it comes to purchasing your portable shelter. Bring plenty of tinned food, firewood, first aid supplies and warm clothing.
If you have friends who are seasoned campers, you might want to try asking them (very nicely) if you can borrow their equipment for the duration of your holiday. You can then establish whether camping really is something that you are willing to throw yourself (and your bank account) into properly.

A Night at the Beach

You’ll be surprised to learn that many beaches across the country will happily allow you to spend a few nights camping on the sands for a fair price. Camping on a beach is one of the best ways to cut out the steep costs of renting a room at a beach resort. You will also be making the most out of some of our world’s most beautiful spots.
Spending a day and night on a beach is quite straightforward. Make sure that you have enough sunscreen and towels for the day and plenty of warm clothing and firewood for the night. Beaches can turn quite chilly when the sun sets, so make sure to be prepared for a cold night.

Desert Adventures

This personally planned holiday destination is one for the more experienced campers. Deserts are some of the most unforgiving environments to camp in, but they are also one of the most rewarding. Nothing empowers a person like taking on nature’s most inhospitable settings competently and comfortably.
The main cost of a desert camping experience will be the loads of bottled water and food that you will need. Unless you live in a particularly arid state with deserts nearby, fuel costs will be quite high too. You might also need an especially durable tent if the weather is known to turn extreme in the desert you happen to be interested in.
The fierce heat of the desert will generally be replaced by intense cold at night, so make sure to bring a particularly snug sleeping back and insulated clothing.